Physiotherapy for Pain Relief at Butler Chiropractic

At Butler Chiropractic, our chiropractor, Dr. Randy Butler and our dedicated staff have been serving area patients for over 30 years, helping people to recover from auto accident injuries, back pain, arthritis, headaches, tendonitis, and many other conditions. Physiotherapy, which essentially means the use of physical medicine methods as therapy, is one of the most effective ways to combat pain, and our wide range of available techniques ensure that you won't have to suffer for long.

Implementing Physiotherapy for Increased Healing in Flower Mound Patients

physiotherapy_flower_mound_texas.jpgDr. Butler typically begins treatment for arthritis, back pain, auto accident injuries, tendonitis, headaches, or other pain causing conditions by performing any necessary X-rays and physical examinations. In most cases, Our doctor will administer chiropractic adjustments that are specifically targeted to relieve the type of pain you are dealing with. Physiotherapy techniques are therapeutic procedures that are designed to provide additional pain relief and faster healing times.

Our physiotherapy techniques include Interferential electrical muscle stimulation, which delivers gentle pulsing motion through small electrodes to pain-causing areas.  Cryotherapy (ice therapy) and mechanical traction are used as physiotherapy options depending on the patient’s individual needs. These are all pain-free procedures that are often performed in sequence to maximize healing benefits. 

Patients with auto accident injuries may require multiple types of supplemental treatments. For example, after a car accident patients may be dealing with back pain, neck pain, headaches, reduced range of motion, and overall bodily stiffness. A combination approach often works best for dealing with multiple pain problems. Patients will often find increased benefits from physiotherapy sessions in addition to their regular chiropractic treatments.

In some cases, our chiropractor will recommend modified techniques that you can even use at home. For example, you may benefit from alternating heat and cold packs each day during your recovery process. Our chiropractor provides patients a set of prescribed strengthening exercises that can be done at home. These exercises are an excellent complement to the in-office treatments, and can help you get strong and healthy quickly.

The combination of treatment and at-home exercises are meant to alleviate pain and also to prevent it from reoccurring. By isolating the contributing factor of pain, Dr. Butler is able to implement a healing plan most effective to providing quicker pain relief.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, arthritis, auto accident injuries, or another painful problem, our all-natural techniques are a drug-free and completely safe way to help you heal. If you have been involved in an accident or have chronic pain, physiotherapy is an important part of your treatment. Dr. Butler sees patients in Flower Mound as well as the surrounding areas of Lewisville and Highland Village area for their pain relief and healing needs. Contact our office today for an appointment.


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