Don’t Let Arthritis Limit You, Let Our Flower Mound Chiropractor Help

Dont Let Arthritis Limit You, Let Our Flower Mound Chiropractor Help

Chiropractic Flower Mound TX Arthritis Care

Inflamed painful joints can transform your level of activity, depriving you of your favorite activities and leaving you with chronic pain. Fortunately, chiropractic care in Flower Mound offers a natural, drug-free way to reduce that pain and stiffness for many sufferers.

There are actually several varieties of arthritis, which is simply Greek/Latin for "joint inflammation." Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage between bones wears down, while rheumatism is a disorder of the synovial fluid inside the joint. There is also an infectious variety spread by viruses, bacteria or fungi. Symptoms may include pain, stiffness and swelling. Sufferers may have trouble lifting objects, working doorknobs, opening jars, walking or even getting out of a chair. Any joint can be afflicted with the condition, including the facet joints that permit the spine to twist and bend.

Our Flower Mound chiropractor, Dr. Butler, uses a combination of therapeutic approaches to help arthritis patients cope with their condition. For example, anything that improves overall nerve function can help the body function more normally and with less pain, so spinal adjustments may be appropriate when a spinal misalignment has caused or contributed to your problem. We may also prescribe range-of-motion exercises to help keep joints lubricated and strengthen surrounding muscles. Even nutritional counseling can help by boosting your immune response and improving your overall health.

Treatment for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and Other Joint Pain in Flower Mound

Of course, chronic joint pain does not necessarily mean that you are arthritic -- you could be suffering from a nerve impingement disorder or muscle strain. Carpal tunnel disorder, for example, is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the median nerve, while the hand pain of thoracic outlet syndrome may originate at a nerve root in the spinal column. Whatever the cause of your symptoms, our chiropractor can prescribe the right combination of adjustments and other therapies to help you feel better and move more freely.

Does your condition currently prevent you from enjoying favorite sports or outdoor activities? Which ones?


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