Football Season Is Here – Natural Treatment for Sports Injuries

Football Season Is Here - Natural Treatment for Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Flower Mound TX Football Season Is Here Natural Treatment for Sports Injuries

We see our share of football-related injuries here at Butler Chiropractic Clinic. While a broken bone or laceration obviously requires traditional medical or surgical treatment, many of the injuries suffered by football players readily lend themselves to chiropractic adjustment and other natural, non-invasive therapies, helping players recover more quickly and with less pain. Let us examine exactly how chiropractic care in Flower Mound can help.

As a high-impact sport, football places enormous stresses and strains on a player's musculoskeletal system. Perhaps the most obvious examples involve two players bodies crashing together at high speed. Pads or no pads, this kind of impact can impart a severe jolt to the spinal column, resulting in herniated or damaged discs and misaligned vertebrae. This type of injury typically creates nerve impingement, with the pinched nerve causing back pain and loss of function to other parts of the body. A hard landing can cause the same kind of spinal injury. If the player's neck is wrenched from the impact, subluxation and nerve impingement can occur in the neck. The resulting whiplash causes, neck pain, stiffness, and headaches.

But the sports injuries seen in football players are not always caused by an impact. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments may suffer strains and sprains from overextension of a joint, especially if the player has not limbered up properly before the game. Quarterbacks frequently suffer tendinitis in the shoulder or elbow, a kind of repetitive motion injury from throwing countless passes.

Rehab with Our Flower Mound Chiropractor

Dr. Butler will be happy to provide holistic treatment for your sports injury. We can use chiropractic adjustment to correct misalignments and nerve impingement, relieving headaches, back pain, and other symptoms. We also offer physiotherapy and acupuncture to speed the healing of tendinitis and other soft tissue injuries. Even if you are not hurt, a chiropractic evaluation after every game can catch any minor issues before they cause trouble. Win or lose, keep yourself feeling well.

Has chiropractic treatment helped keep you healthy during the sports season?


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